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The unified national system of industrial standardization began to function with the establishment of JESC (the Japanese Engineering Standards Committee) in 1921. JESC undertook the adoption of national standards (JES).

In 1949, the Industrial Standardization Law was promulgated, and the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) was newly set up under the Law, as an advisory organization to competent Ministers in charge of the elaboration of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the designation of the JIS Mark to products.

The committee consists of the Council, as well as two Boards established thereunder. The Boards have Technical Committees, which have as members all concerned parties among producers, dealers, users, consumers and academic circles. Standards cover all fields of industrial and mineral products except medicines, agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers, which are established under other laws.

Japanese Industrial Standards Committee

Technical Regulations, Standards & Conformity Assessment Policy Unit
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
1-3-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100 - 8901

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