International Standard
ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-3:2019
Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 5-6-3: Systems engineering: Management and engineering guide: Generic profile group: Intermediate profile
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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-3:2019
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International Standard
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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-3:2019
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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-3:2019

ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-3:2019
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1.1 Fields of application

This document provides management and engineering guidance within the Intermediate profile for the Business Management, Project Management, System Definition and Realisation and Acquisition Management processes.

This document is applicable to Very Small Entities (VSEs). VSEs are enterprises, organisations, departments or projects having up to 25 people. The lifecycle processes described in the ISO/IEC 29110 series are not intended to preclude or discourage their use by organisations bigger than VSEs.

This document has been developed using the management and engineering guide from the systems engineering Basic profile. Elements were added or modified (e.g. process, task, work product, role) to support VSEs involved in the development of more than one project in parallel with more than one work team.

This guide is oriented towards the management of more than one project in parallel with more than one work team.

This document applies for the development of non-critical systems.

Using this document, a VSE can obtain benefits in the following aspects:

— An agreed set of project requirements (technical part of contract) and expected work products are agreed by the Acquirer.

— A disciplined management process, that provides project visibility and corrective actions of project problems and deviations, is performed.

— A systematic System Definition and Realisation process, that satisfies Acquirer needs and helps ensure quality work products, is followed.

Once the system, developed by a VSE, has been accepted by their customers, the VSE that wants to provide after delivery services can refer to ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-3.

In the context of systems engineering, that is the System Definition and Realisation (SR) process, the group that is part of the VSE responsible for developing software elements that are part of the system are encouraged to use the management and engineering guide of the software engineering Intermediate profile (ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-1-3).

1.2 Target audience

This document is targeted at VSEs that do not develop critical systems and have little or no experience with systems engineering (SE) process planning and implementation using ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288.

This document is also targeted to VSEs which are familiar with management and engineering guide of the systems engineering Basic profile (ISO/IEC TR 29110 5-6-2) for their system development projects and are involved in the development of more than one project in parallel with more than one work team.

This document is intended to be used with any processes, techniques and methods that enhance the VSE's Stakeholder satisfaction and productivity.

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