International Standard
ISO 59020
Circular economy — Measuring and assessing circularity performance
Reference number
ISO 59020
Edición 1
En proceso de publicación
ISO 59020
En proceso de publicación (Edición 1, 2024)
Pasos finales de producción (hasta siete semanas).

What is ISO 59020?

ISO 59020 sets forth requirements and guidance for organizations to measure and assess their circularity performance within defined economic systems. This document aims to standardize the process by which organizations collect and calculate data using mandatory and optional circularity indicators, ensuring consistent and verifiable results. It provides a structured framework for setting system boundaries, selecting appropriate indicators, and interpreting data to evaluate the circularity performance at multiple levels—from regional and inter-organizational to organizational and product-specific levels.

Why is ISO 59020 important?

ISO 59020 is crucial in transitioning towards a more circular economy by providing a clear and structured methodology for measuring and assessing circularity performance. It helps organizations identify how effectively they are minimizing resource use and optimizing the circular flow of materials. This standard not only aids in achieving environmental sustainability but also supports the broader goals of sustainable development by aligning with the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For businesses, it offers a way to quantify progress and demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing transparency, accountability, and stakeholder trust.

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  • Provides a clear framework for measuring circularity performance.
  • Helps organizations align with global sustainability goals
  • Enhances transparency and accountability in environmental reporting
  • Supports strategic decision-making for sustainable resource management


Preguntas frecuentes

Organizations of all types and sizes that are committed to transitioning towards a circular economy and need to measure and assess their circularity performance effectively.

ISO 59020 specifically focuses on the measurement and assessment of circularity performance, providing detailed methodologies for data collection and indicator selection, whereas other standards in the ISO 59000 family may offer broader guidance on circular economy principles and implementation strategies.


Yes, ISO 59020 is designed to complement other sustainability assessments and can be integrated with additional methods to measure social, environmental, and economic impacts, providing a comprehensive view of an organization's sustainability performance.

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     : 2024-05
    : Norma Internacional en proceso de publicación [60.00]
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  • ISO/TC 323
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