Final Draft International Standard
ISO/DTS 26048-1
Intelligent transport systems — Field device Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) data interface — Part 1: Global objects
Reference number
ISO/DTS 26048-1
Edición 1
Final Draft
International Standard
ISO/DTS 26048-1
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Field devices are a key component in intelligent transport systems (ITS). Field devices include traffic signals, message signs, weather stations, traffic sensors, roadside equipment for connected ITS environments, etc. The ISO 26048 series defines data that can be used to manage field devices, including device configuration, control, and monitoring. Field devices can be quite complex, necessitating the standardization of many data concepts for exchange. As such, the ISO 26048 series is divided into several individual parts. This document (Part 1) introduces the ISO 26048 series, provides normative content that applies to all subsequent parts, and defines data that is applicable to the management of a wide range of field devices. The scope of the ISO 26048 series does not define the logic used by the management system, the underlying protocols used to exchange the defined data elements, or internal design of the field device. However, the ISO 26048 series does define functional requirements on the interface and assumes an interface based on an SNMPv3 environment as specified by ISO 15784-2.

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