ISO/AWI 19885-3
Gaseous hydrogen — Fuelling protocols for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles — Part 3: High flow hydrogen fuelling protocols for heavy duty road vehicles
Reference number
ISO/AWI 19885-3
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 19885-3
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


A multipart set of documents is envisioned as part of the 19885 series, Gaseous hydrogen -- Fuelling protocols for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. The 19885 documents will address the general design and development process for the definition and verification of fuelling protocols and the implementation of the protocols for dispensing fuel to hydrogen vehicles rated up to 70 MPa nominal working pressure (NWP). This NP proposes the following project: 19885-3: High Flow Hydrogen Fuelling Protocols for Heavy Duty Road Vehicles Versatile high-flow hydrogen fuelling protocol(s) for 35 or 70 MPa NWP compressed gaseous hydrogen powered heavy-duty road vehicles (10-200kg hydrogen capacity). Use is intended for but not limited to heavy-duty road vehicles. The hydrogen fuelling protocol(s) in the standard are intended to address different communications UCDC levels in accordance with ISO 19885-1. However, the initial scope will focus on fuelling protocol(s) capable of utilizing UCDC levels 0 and 1 given the existing widespread market use. Approach: • Develop science based and empirically validated fueling protocols which are coordinated with the appropriate HF nozzle, receptacle and communications for HD vehicles • Adopt best practices for fueling taking into consideration regional experiences • Coordinate with established and other relevant standards groups such as SAE • Consider the results and findings of the European Commission funded project “Protocol for Heavy-Duty Hydrogen Refueling” (PRHYDE) • This document can be viewed as a stand-alone document to address a high flow fueling protocol or it could be viewed as part of a series of documents that address the general definition and verification of fueling protocols and communication protocols.

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