ISO/AWI 9241-222
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ISO/AWI 9241-222
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ISO/AWI 9241-222
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This document provides a self-assessment of an organization’s human-centred design principles, processes, and activities throughout the life cycle of computer-based interactive systems, It also provides an overview of information given in the ISO 9241-200 series. It is intended to be used as an introduction and self-assessment guide to human-centred design (HCD). Its target audience are personnel responsible for and managing design processes, and it is concerned with ways in which both hardware and software components of interactive systems can enhance human–system interaction. It includes a self-assessment that allows organizations to understand and assess their level of awareness and practices with respect to the human-centred design approach and best practices for organizations and project teams within that organization. This document does not provide detailed coverage of the methods and techniques required for human-centred design, nor does it address health or safety aspects in detail. Although it addresses the planning and management of human-centred design, it does not address all aspects of project management. Detailed human factors/ergonomics, usability and accessibility issues are dealt with more fully in a number of standards including other parts of ISO 9241and ISO 6385, which sets out the broad principles of ergonomics.

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