ISO/AWI 9241-812
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ISO/AWI 9241-812
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ISO/AWI 9241-812
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This document identifies ergonomic / human-systems issues and guidance for the development and use of intelligent systems. This includes: a) physically embodied RIA systems, such as robots and autonomous vehicles with which users will physically interact; b) systems embedded within the physical environment with which users do not consciously interact, but which collect data and/or modify the environment within which people live or work such as smart building and, mood-detection; c) "intelligent" software tools and agents with which users actively interact through some form of user interface; d) software agents which act without active user input to modify or tailor the systems to the user's behaviour, task or some other purpose, including providing context specific content/information, tailoring adverts to a user based on information about them, user interfaces that adapt to the cognitive or physiological state, "ambient intelligence"; e) the effect on users resulting from the combined interaction of several RIA systems such as conflicting behaviours between the RIA systems under the same circumstances. The contents are practical ergonomics guidelines for such systems. The document applies ergonomics to the unique aspects of RIA systems. It is based on best practices in supervisory command and control practice plus extra material on all the topics explored during the evolution of IT/technology for TR 9241-810, including what is known about interaction with “intelligent” assistants. The document will reference, not repeat, material from existing standards. It includes physical interaction with robots and environments. The document is based on the current maturity of technology. It limits its treatment of the technologies used to create RIA systems and environments to focusing on their interactions with users and does not investigate other aspects of these technologies. It is not an exploration of the philosophical, ethical or political issues surrounding the use of RIA systems. The target audience for this document is ergonomists and interface designers considering human-systems issues of RIA systems. System designers, developers and engineers may find the document useful.

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