Double release: new DVD of ISO 7000 graphical symbols for equipment and CD-ROM of ISO 14617 graphical symbols for diagrams

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The DVD contains over 2 400 of ISO 7000:2004 graphical symbols, which can be placed on any equipment, from automobiles, textile, home entertainment equipment to earth-moving machinery.

With additional DWG, TIFF and EPS formats, it does not need to be installed onto a computer and contains easy-to-use search functions including the standard’s number, name, keyword, technical committee/ subcommittee, publication and date of release, as well as information about the meaning and use of each symbol in both English and French.

It is mainly intended for end-users who may need to include a symbol as part of a product or for ISO standards developers, particularly any technical committee requiring graphic symbols for a product standard.

Over the last decades, questions and complaints regarding symbols for use on diagrams have increased because different technical fields use symbols which overlap each other, resulting in confusion. The DVD contains ISO graphical symbols from the common database launched in 2004 by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and ISO, which addressed the need to harmonize such symbols. ISO 7000: 2004 was prepared by technical committee ISO/TC 145, Graphical symbols, subcommittee SC 3, Graphical symbols for use on equipment.

The CD-ROM with the ISO 14617 standards consists of 15 parts, each containing graphical symbols for use in diagrams, together with rules for the presentation and application of these symbols and examples of their use.

To make it easier to use, the CD-ROM is designed to enable easy access to the graphical symbols found in ISO 14617 parts 2-15, in DWG, TIFF and EPS formats and includes numerical, alphabetical and keyword indexes.

It contains information on:

  • the creation and use of registration numbers for identifying graphical symbols used in diagrams;
  • rules for the presentation and application of these symbols (part 1 of ISO 14617) with examples;
  • full text of each part of ISO 14617 in PDF format;
  • normative reference clauses and bibliographies from each part of ISO 14617;
  • terms and definitions from each part of ISO 14617 in the glossary section, which states the word, its definition, an example of its use and the standard it appears in.

ISO 14617 was developed by ISO/TC 10, Technical product documentation, SC 10, Process plant documentation and tpd-symbols.

Both the CD-ROM and DVD cost 278 Swiss francs each and are available from ISO national member institutes (see complete list with contact details) or from the ISO Store.


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