ISO 19650-4:2022
ISO 19650-4:2022
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This document specifies the detailed process and criteria for decision makings when executing an information exchange as specified by the ISO 19650 series to ensure the quality of the resulting project information model or asset information model. It details the implementation of the concepts in ISO 19650-1 and is applicable to any information exchange within the delivery stages covered by ISO 19650-2 and operational trigger events covered by ISO 19650-3.

This document is applicable to assets of all sizes and all levels of complexity. This includes portfolios of buildings, campuses, infrastructure networks, individual buildings and pieces of infrastructure. The requirements in this document should be applied in a way that is appropriate to the scale and complexity of the asset. This document makes use of the phrase “shall consider”. This phrase is used to introduce a list of items that the person in question is required to think about carefully in connection with the primary requirement described in the subclause. The amount of thought involved, the time taken to complete it, and the need for supporting evidence depend on the complexity of the asset, the experience of the person(s) involved, and the requirements of any national policy on introducing building information modelling. On a relatively small or straightforward asset, it can be possible to complete, or dismiss as not relevant, some of these “shall consider” items very quickly. One way to help identify which of the “shall consider” statements are relevant can be to review each statement and create templates for assets of different sizes and complexity.


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