ISO 1897-8:1977
ISO 1897-8:1977


This method is the best available at the present time. It was primarily intended for samples containing 40 % (m/m) or more but has been extended to lower ranges. The principle is based on dehydration of a quantity of the test sample. Formation of a complex between o-cresol and cineole (having a crystallizing point not lower than 1,2 °C) by addition of excess cineole to a test portion of the dehydrated sample. Determination of the crystallizing point of the complex in a crystallizing point apparatus. Calculation of the content from the water content of the test sample and the crystallizing point of the complex. The relation between crystallizing point and o-cresol content of o-cresol/cineole mixtures is given in a table. ISO 1897/8 replaces ISO Recommendation R 1910-1971.

General information 

  •  : Withdrawn
     : 1977-04
  •  : 1
     : 5
  •  : ISO/TC 47 Chemistry
  •  :
    71.080.40 Organic acids
    71.080.90 Phenols

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