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The Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) is a public National Standards Body established by the Government of Rwanda, whose mandate is to develop and publish National Standards, carry out research in the areas of standardisation, and to disseminate information on standards, technical regulations related to standards and conformity assessment, metrology for the setting up of measurement standards, among others. The Board was created from the old Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) after decoupling regulatory and non-regulatory functions and upgrading of Units into Divisions. The intention was to have an institution that can respond to the changing business landscape in Rwanda and beyond. RSB is now a service provider while the standards enforcement functions, inspections and legal metrology verifications, have moved to an independent Body.
The Organizational Structure of RSB therefore comprises four Divisions:

  1. National Standards Division

  2. National Quality Testing Laboratories

  3. National Metrology Services

  4. National Certification Division

RSB is committed to providing standardization, conformity assessment and metrology services that improve competitiveness of Rwanda products and services within the region and internationally.

Rwanda Standards Board

KK 15 Rd, 49
PO Box: 7099

Tel: +250 252 582945
Fax: +250 252 583305

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