ISO: Global standards for trusted goods and services

Standards define what great looks like, setting consistent benchmarks for businesses and consumers alike — ensuring reliability, building trust, and simplifying choices.

Making lives easier, safer and better.

What can standards do for you?

International standards ensure that the products and services you use daily are safe, reliable, and of high quality. They also guide businesses in adopting sustainable and ethical practices, helping to create a future where your purchases not only perform excellently but also safeguard our planet. In essence, standards seamlessly blend quality with conscience, enhancing your everyday experiences and choices.

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ISO: the International Organization for Standardization

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization. It brings global experts together to agree on the best ways of doing things. From climate change through healthcare to artificial intelligence, our mission is to make lives easier, safer and better – for everyone, everywhere.

Building a sustainable path to ESG reporting

The drive towards a more sustainable future has propelled ESG considerations – or environment, social and governance in its full form – to the forefront of Board meetings in companies worldwide.

Healthcare’s digital transformation: Telemedicine, data protection and cybersecurity

Health is what we all have in common. When it’s protected, it empowers people to prosper; but when it’s neglected, it can have devastating consequences, not just for individuals but for entire communities.

Climate finance: The key to a sustainable future

Reversing the climate crisis requires massive global investments. The more we wait, the higher the costs, both in terms of mitigating global temperature rise and coping with its impacts.

Discover more insights about Climate change, Artificial intelligence, Healthcare, and Quality management.