IoT standards ensure device interoperability, data security, and user privacy, supporting the seamless integration of smart technologies into daily life.


Quality management: The path to continuous improvement

There are many misconceptions about what a quality management system (QMS) does. Let’s delve into what a QMS is, what it should look like and why your company absolutely needs one.

The circular economy: building trust through conformity assessment
Standards and conformity assessment provide assurance on aspects of the circular economy including product lifetime and recyclability, safety and efficiency.
Smart farming: the transformative potential of data-driven agriculture
Smart farming and precision agriculture leverage technologies like agricultural drones, robotics, IoT sensors, GPS and farm management information systems to improve production efficiency.

Top standards

ISO/IEC 30179:2023
Internet of Things (IoT)
Overview and general requirements of IoT system for ecological environment monitoring
ISO/IEC 27400:2022
IoT security and privacy


ISO/IEC 30169:2022
Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT applications for electronic label system (ELS)