International Standard
ISO 9902-6:2018
Textile machinery — Noise test code — Part 6: Fabric manufacturing machinery
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ISO 9902-6:2018
Edition 2
International Standard
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ISO 9902-6:2018
Published (Edition 2, 2018)

ISO 9902-6:2018

ISO 9902-6:2018
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This document covers the different types of weaving and knitting machines defined in ISO 5247 (all parts)[2] and ISO 7839[3], respectively.

It is applicable to:

full-width weaving machines with weft insertion by:

  • shuttles;
  • rigid, telescopic or flexible rapiers;
  • projectiles;
  • hydraulic (waterjet) or by pneumatic (airjet) nozzle;

narrow fabric weaving machines with weft insertion by shuttles or needles;

jacquard machines;

knitting machinery including:

  • circular knitting;
  • flat bed knitting;
  • warp knitting;
  • raschel;
  • cotton (flat weft weaving);

other fabric manufacturing machines e.g.:

  • multi-phase weaving machines;
  • circular weaving machines;
  • stitch bonding machines.

NOTE Because of the high requirements on measurement conditions, grade 1 methods are normally not feasible for textile machinery.

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