ISO/AWI 25134
Vegetable and algae proteins used for food products — Specifications
Reference number
ISO/AWI 25134
Edition 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 25134
A working group has prepared a draft.


This document applies to protein products intended for human foods, obtained from vegetables, algae, and micro-algae. This document does not apply to any protein product from bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds, as well as to wheat gluten [5] and to proteins produced by biosynthetic pathway. The raw materials (source materials) used to produce vegetable and algal proteins, as well as the compound foods that use protein products as ingredients do not fall within the scope of this document. Moreover, this document does not apply to the labelling and to claims of foods intended directly to consumers.

General information

  •  : Under development
    : New project registered in TC/SC work programme [20.00]
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  • ISO/TC 34
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